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Project Discovery Process

Exploratory and brainstorming meetings with City Councillors, City staff, Planning Board, Historical Commission and community members.


Community Meetings

Meetings with neighborhood and civic associations, Planning Board, City Council, City staff, Historical Commission. Held public open houses.


K2 Study Process

MIT participated - along with neighborhood, business, civic, and municipal colleagues - in a comprehensive study of the Kendall Square area which resulted in a set recommendations regarding the square's future.

October 2012

MIT 2030 Taskforce Report Released

MIT Faculty Taskforce on Community Engagement in 2030 Planning recommends advancing the Kendall rezoning effort and examining the needs of East Campus and graduate student housing.

April 2013

City of Cambridge Approves MIT’s Zoning Petition

On April 8, 2013, the City of Cambridge approved MIT’s petition to rezone 26 acres of Institute-owned property in the Kendall Square/east campus area.

March 2014

East Campus Gateway Study Final Report Released

MIT commissioned an urban design study, and after hosting a series of forums to gather MIT and Cambridge community ideas, the design team submitted its final report in March 2014.

May 2014

Graduate Student Housing Working Group Report Released

The final report recommended adding new housing to accommodate 500-600 graduate students. The East Campus Steering Committee was asked to assess the feasibility of addressing some of this need in planning for the Kendall Square area.

September 2014

Architectural Team Selection

MIT issued Requests for Proposals, and in September 2014, initiated work with several design teams to create building concepts for the Kendall Square/east campus area.

May 2015

Public Meetings

MIT hosted more public meetings to update the community on design proposals for the project.

May 2015

Jane's Walk

MIT participated in this national citizen-led movement by providing a public walk-through of its transformational plans in the Kendall Square/east campus environs.

May 2015

Presentation to East Cambridge Planning Team

The East Cambridge Planning Team (ECPT) has served as a strong working partner with MIT since the project's inception. Many of ECPT's ideas and visions are incorporated in the overall development plan.

June 2015

Planning Board Walking Tour

MIT hosted a public walk-through of its plans with Planning Board members, City staff, residents, and other Kendall colleagues.

July 2015

Presentation to Cambridge Historical Commission

MIT worked very closely with the Cambridge Historical Commission regarding three MIT-owned Main Street buildings that collectively represent Kendall Square's industrial heritage.

July 2015

Preliminary Development Plan Filed

This preliminary submission provided an overview of MIT's development plan which was based on the Planning Board's approved zoning for the area.

August 2015

Presentation to Cambridge Historical Commission

The Historical Commission approved MIT's plans to incorporate three historical buildings into its overall development.

September 2015

Planning Board Special Permit Hearing #1

MIT's first hearing focused on the overall development plan and its urban and placemaking principles.

September 2015

Preliminary Development Plan Approved

The Planning Board gave MIT the go-ahead to prepare a final development plan since the preliminary plan met the new zoning parameters, as well as other Cambridge guidelines.

November 2015

Final Development Plan Filed

MIT's final development plan incorporated years of community input from the City Council, Planning Board, Historical Commission, neighborhood associations, residents, and the general public.

January 2016

Planning Board Special Permit Hearing #2

At this hearing, MIT provided additional detail about the scope of its development plan and described how its vision for the transformation of six parking lots into vital new buildings and open space will contribute to the advancement of the Kendall Square innovation ecosystem.

May 2016

Planning Board Special Permit Hearing #3

This hearing focused on the vibrant plans for the open space area of MIT's project, including details about access and connections for pedestrians and cyclists.

June 2016

Final Development Plan Approved

This Planning Board approval allowed MIT to move forward with its Kendall project. Each individual building design, and the plans for the open space area, will be reviewed in detail by the Planning Board in the coming months.

September 2016

Utilities and Infrastructure Construction Start

Construction to begin on new below-grade utilities in Carleton, Hayward, Wadsworth, and Amherst Streets to support future buildings.

Sep, 26, 2016

Amherst St Sanitary Work

Amherst St will become one-way (east to west) from Wadsworth St to Carleton St as work begins on the sanitary line at the intersection of Amherst St & Carleton St. On-street parking on Amherst St is temporarily removed during this work.


Community Meetings

Community meetings to discuss construction impacts and the future of Kendall Square.

Community Meeting Presentation

Community Meeting Flyer

November 2016

Carleton & Hayward Street Utilities

Water line installations to begin on Carleton and Hayward Streets, creating one-way traffic patterns and new work zones in the streets.

November 2016

New Medical Parking Lot

35 dedicated spaces for Medical parking at E23 will be moved to a new lot on Carleton Street, next to the existing E33 building and across the street from the E23 MIT Medical building.

Nov, 28, 2016

Food Trucks Relocated

Jose's Mexican, Momogoose, and Jersualem Cafe will relocate to 3 new locations to accommodate work on Carleton Street. They will rotate locations between E14 & E23, between Buildings 56 & 66, and between Buildings 14 & 50.

Nov, 29, 2016

Planning Board Meeting

Design review meeting for Building 4 and Landscape

December - January

New water lines in Carleton & Hayward St installed

Construction in Carleton and Hayward Streets will allow new water lines to be built.

Jan, 18, 2017

Kendall SoMa Garage construction start

Site preparation and pre-mobilization will begin to construct the 1,121 space Kendall Garage.

Jan, 23, 2017

Traffic patterns change on site

Hayward Street will be one-way, north to south, until it is closed entirely to the public later in February 2017. Wadsworth Street is currently one-way, south to north, to provide access to the Eastgate / Sloan Campus parking lot. Carleton Street maintains two-way traffic via traffic detail, and Amherst St is one-way, east to west, from Wadsworth to Ames St.

February 2017

Site 3 Garage Start

Excavation for the Site 3 garage behind E48 (238 Main St) begins.

May, 24, 2017

Wadsworth Block Closed for Construction

The block of Wadsworth Street between Memorial Drive and Amherst St will be closed from May 24th, 2017, for approximately three months in order to install new utilities in the street. Vehicular traffic should redirect to Ames Street for access to Main St, the MIT Medical Building, the Sloan Campus, and 100 Memorial Drive residences.

Jun, 12, 2017

Pedestrian Route Changes at the Kendall T

Beginning June 12, 2017, the pedestrian connection between the inbound Kendall T station on Main St and Carleton St will be discontinued to allow for ongoing below grade garage construction. The pedestrian connection will be re-opened at the completion of the project. Visitors exiting the T on Main St may use Ames St or Wadsworth St to access the MIT Medical Building, MIT Media Lab, Sloan Campus, and 100 Memorial Drive residences.